Epiphysis ossis

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Representation of the cut, full-grown long bone, using the example of the human upper arm bone (humerus)

The epiphysis ossis , or "epiphysis" for short, describes the joint end , i.e. the proximal and distal end pieces of the long tubular bones .

In adults, this section of bone merges into the metaphysis without any sharp delimitation .

The epiphyseal plate responsible for bone growth is found here during childhood growth .

The epiphysis is cartilaginous in the child . During the development of the skeleton, bone nuclei are initially formed , which pass into adult form when the skeleton has grown.

The term should not be confused with the pineal gland of the brain, also known as the "epiphysis" (or epiphysis cerebri) .

Changes in the epiphyses

In the X-ray detectable changes of the epiphysis:

Individual evidence

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