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Erich Kleinschmidt (born September 25, 1946 in Gernsbach ) is a German German studies scholar and university professor with numerous writings and publications. Since 1992 he has been Professor of Modern German Literature and Cultural Studies at the University of Cologne . His main research interests are in the areas of early modern times and classical modernism, as well as literary and cultural theory.

life and work

Erich Kleinschmidt completed his studies in German and history in Freiburg im Breisgau in 1973 with a doctorate . In 1980 he received his habilitation with the title City and Literature in the Early Modern Era. Requirements and developments in southwest German, Alsatian and Swiss urban areas .

From 1983 to 1987 he was Professor of Modern German Literature at the University of Freiburg . From 1987 to 1992 he taught as professor for German literature of the Middle Ages and modern German literature at the University of Munich . Since 1992 he has been Professor of Modern German Literature with a focus on cultural studies and cultural history at the University of Cologne .

In addition to numerous writings and book publications, Kleinschmidt has written around 150 essays on the topics of early modern times, the 18th century, classical modern, classical modern, exile literature, literary and cultural theory, aesthetics and poetics and philosophy of language.

Erich Kleinschmidt has been married since 1973 and has one son.

Connection with scientific societies

  • Commission for historical regional studies Baden-Württemberg (corresponding member)
  • International Alfred Döblin Society
  • Carl Einstein Society
  • German Association of Germanists
  • International Association of German Studies

Fonts (selection)

Monographs and Editions

  • Representation of rulers, on the disposition of medieval expressive behavior, examined on texts about Rudolf I of Habsburg . with an edition appendix (= Bibliotheca Germania. Volume 17). Francke, Bern / Munich 1974, ISBN 3-7720-1066-0 . (Dissertation Freiburg im Breisgau, Philosophical Faculty 1972/1973)
  • Rudolf von Schlettstadt. Cologne / Vienna 1974.
  • The windship from the land of milk and honey. Bern / Munich 1977.
  • City and literature in the early modern period. Cologne / Vienna 1982.
  • Johannes Brandmüller, Raurachian verse poem. Bern 1982.
  • Alfred Döblin, drama radio play film. 1983.
  • Alfred Döblin, writings on life and work. 1986.
  • Alfred Döblin, writings on aesthetics, poetics and literature. 1989.
  • Sliding language, language awareness and poetics in literary modernity. Munich 1992.
  • Carl Einstein. Bebuquin, Stuttgart 1995.
  • Authorship, contributions to their theory. Tubingen 1998.
  • Doctor Döblin. Berlin 2000.
  • The discovery of the intensity. History of a figure of thought in the 18th century. Göttingen 2004.
  • The readability of romanticism: material, medium, discourse . Berlin 2009.
  • Transitions: figures of thought. Cologne 2011.

Editorial activity

  • Readings of the imaginary. Cologne 1999.
  • Avant-garde in East and West: literature, music and visual arts around 1900. Cologne 2002.
  • Collecting and reading: the Cologne HC Artmann Knupfer Collection. Cologne 2006.
  • Legibility: the reception of antiquity between the baroque and the enlightenment. Wuerzburg 2010.

Articles and contributions

  • Writing positions. Aesthetic debates in exile between self-assertion and defense. Jb. F. Exile research, 1988.
  • Language and perception. WW, 1989.
  • "Cinema style" novel. DVjs, 1989.
  • Delivered language. On the intellectual formation of German in the 17th century. ZfdA, 1990.
  • Classical as a language crisis. In: W. Vosskamp (Ed.): Classic in European comparison. DFG Symposium, 1993.
  • The female mask of poetry. DVjs, 1993.
  • The power of words. Linguistic implications of violence. In: Fr. Gaede et al. (Ed.): Behind the black curtain. Tubingen 1994.
  • Language and feelings. Gender difference and affect in linguistic poetics of the 18th century. Arcadia, 1994.
  • Almost a revolutionary: Fritz von Unruh between exile and remigration (1932–1962). 1994.
  • The constructed library. EG, 1995.
  • The difficulty of writing about pictures. Jb. Lit. Weim. Rep., 1995.
  • Paraphrases. Philosophical self-reflexivity in the 18th century. DVjs, 1997.
  • On the poetics of Anne Dudens. Weim. Contribution, 1997.
  • Humanistic education for women in the early modern period. ZfdA, 1998.
  • Shutdowns. Weim. Contribution, 1999.
  • Writing on the border between world and language. DVjs, 1999.
  • Differences and affects. Cultural energies of grotesque speech. In: G. Neumann, S. Weigel (Hrsg.): Legibility of culture. Munich 2000.
  • Oblivion. Arcadia, 2001.
  • Semiotics of recess. Jb. Lit. Weim. Rep., 2001.
  • Intermediate paths. Döblin and the media. WW, 2001.
  • The noise of the terms. Weim. Contribution, 2001.
  • Fragile discourses. Jb. FDH, 2001.
  • "Like an eye in the clouds". Charlotte's authorship, forgotten by Kalb. Schiller-Jb., 2002.

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