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Ernst Leisi (born June 29, 1918 in Frauenfeld , † December 30, 2001 in Zurich ) was a Swiss English graduate and university professor.


Ernst Leisi, son of the grammar school teacher and local historian Ernst Leisi and Maria Schneller, attended primary and cantonal schools in Frauenfeld. He studied German and English at the Universities of Zurich and Geneva .

In 1945 he was awarded a Dr. phil. PhD . 1946/1947 he was lecturer for German at the University of Bristol , 1947/1948 scientific assistant for English at the University of Zurich, 1948 to 1950 lecturer for German at the University of Cambridge .

After completing his habilitation at the University of Zurich in 1950, he taught there as a private lecturer , and on May 5, 1951, he gave his inaugural lecture. From 1952 worked as a lecturer, from 1955 with the title of associate professor at the University of Kiel . From 1956 to 1984 he taught as a full professor of English at the University of Zurich.

In addition to his actual research area, English linguistics , he also dealt with Shakespeare and in 1976 co-founded the English-German study edition of Shakespeare's dramas .

Ernst Leisi was married to the translator Ilse Leisi born in 1944 . Gugler (1913–1999), with whom he also published a book.


  • 1987: Prize for science journalism from the German Anglist Conference

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