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Aspergillus nidulans

Aspergillus nidulans

Empire : Mushrooms (fungi)
Sub-kingdom : Dikarya
Department : Ascomycota mushrooms
Subdivision : Real ascent mushrooms (Pezizomycotina)
Class : Eurotiomycetes
Subclass : Eurotiomycetidae
Scientific name
Geiser & Lutzoni

The Eurotiomycetidae are a subclass of sac fungi that includes many lichens . It includes many important molds such as Aspergillus and Penicillium .


The fruiting bodies ( Ascomata ), if present, are celistothecic or gymnothecic, spherical, are often formed in a surrounding stroma tissue and are often brightly colored. Hamathecium elements are missing. The gametangia are usually undifferentiated and consist of hyphae balls. The asci mostly dissolve, sometimes they are bitunicate. They are scattered over the fruiting body, less often in a hymenium .

The vegetative forms ( anamorphic ) are very variable and include phialidic and arthroconidial forms.

Way of life

The species live as saprobionts , parasites or as mycorrhizal fungi .


External system

The Eurotiomycetidae are one of the two large groups in the class of Eurotiomycetes. There is also the basal group of Mycocaliciales . All three groups are monophyletic . The cladogram looks like this:







Internal system

The subclass consists of three orders, each monophyletic. The cladogram looks like this:







The close relationship between the two celestial orders Onygenales and Eurotiales is undisputed. They were formerly known as plectomycetes . The close relationship of the Coryneliales to these two orders and the classification with the Eurotiomycetidae only became apparent after DNA sequence analyzes.

Individual evidence

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