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Hawk's eye is a microcrystalline, fibrous and opaque variety of quartz . Accordingly, it crystallizes in the trigonal crystal system , but only develops microscopic crystals in massive mineral aggregates , which are built up in layers, parallel layers similar to agate . In contrast to this, however, only the colors dark blue, blue-gray and blue-green appear. In addition, the inclusion of crocidolite ( hornblende ) results in a flat, silky sheen , the so-called chatoyance (cat's eye effect).

The falcon's eye is used exclusively as a gemstone .

Education and Locations

The hawk's eye is found primarily in South Africa and Western Australia . The red-brown tiger's eye is created through displacement pseudomorphism , in which crocidolite is replaced by quartz .

Use as a gem stone

Mixed cut pendant with transition zone to the tiger's eye (below)

Like the related tiger's eye, the hawk's eye is a popular gemstone that is mainly cut into a cabochon shape to emphasize its silky shine and chatoyance. The streak of light that glides over the surface when the stone moves is reminiscent of the eyes of birds of prey, especially falcons (name!). Flat shapes made into brooches or tie clips are also widespread.

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