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The fanfare is a form of the wind orchestra that is particularly widespread in the Netherlands , France , Belgium and Luxembourg .


The Concert Band of the Dutch form is to be distinguished from common in Germany fanfare band or marching band . Fanfare orchestras are full wind orchestras with chromatic instruments, while fanfares consist mainly of trumpets (often fanfare trumpets ) and play fanfares and simple marching music , but not symphonic wind music .

In contrast to the harmony , a fanfare orchestra consists exclusively of brass , woodwind instruments such as saxophones and clarinets and percussion . Typical for fanfares is the line-up with many flugelhorns (so-called "bugles"). These instruments differ in design from the flugelhorns with rotary valves that are often used in German and Austrian orchestras. They usually have pump or perinet valves and are part of the soprano or sopranino register of the sax horns created by Adolphe Sax .

Fanfare orchestras also consist only of brass and percussion, i.e. without woodwind instruments, so-called fanfare orchestras pure (as opposed to fanfare orchestras mixed). This is the usual occupation in Luxembourg.

Many fanfare orchestras play at festivals and march through the streets. In the Netherlands and Belgium are most certainly now as a full concert orchestra ( Concert Band developed). There are more than 2000 fanfare and harmony orchestras in the Netherlands; some concert fanfare orchestras can also be found in Switzerland and Norway.

The repertoire for the street orchestras ranges from Dixieland and Latin to diverse dance music from European folklore, especially from the Balkans. The best known here internationally is the Fanfare Ciocărlia from Romania.

Well-known Dutch composers for fanfare orchestras include Johan de Meij , Hardy Mertens , Kees Vlak , Rob Goorhuis , Jan Van der Roost , Henk Badings , Jan de Haan and Jacob de Haan . Much played French composers like »L'Oeuf« can be found on a website along with freely available compositions.

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