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The Forest Management (formerly Taxation or Forsttaxation or forestry assessment called) is used in the forestry operation control and is therefore a management and planning tool for forest management. It includes recording the condition of the forest, medium-term planning and the associated control of sustainability in the company. In addition, in the sense of controlling, the execution in the past planning period is compared with the underlying targets.


During forest management , a forest inventory collects data on boundaries, forest functions , tillering (e.g. degree of crown closure ) and location , among other things . On the basis of this recording, cutting sets in particular are planned for a longer period of time - the forest management period is usually 10, sometimes 20 years. The results are recorded in so-called forest management works.

The multifunctional orientation of forestry (wood production, nature and biotope protection , water, climate, noise protection and, above all, the recreational function) means that the forest management not only checks and controls the sustainability of the use of wood, but also the entire “welfare effects” of the forest Subjects the company level to an analysis and develops corresponding guidelines for action.

As Forsteinrichter besides specialists of forestry administrations often young Forstbeamte early-career work. In the course of outsourcing , forest management orders from forest administrations and large private forest companies are often awarded to freelance forest experts after tenders . In Bavaria, Article 19, Paragraph 3 of the Forest Act regulates the allocation of forest facilities for corporate forests to freelance experts.

Forest management is a very old forest specialty. Of the so-called “forest classics”, Heinrich Cotta , Georg Ludwig Hartig , Carl Justus Heyer , Johann Christian Hundeshagen and Gottlob König made important contributions to the development of forest management. Well-known representatives in the 20th century include Walter Bitterlich , August Henne , Horst Kramer , Walter Kremser , Wilhelm Mantel , Albert Richter and Reinhard Schober .

Situation in Germany


In the Saxon Forest Act (§ 22 SächsWaldG) it is regulated that in state and corporate forests i. d. As a rule, 10-year operating plans are to be drawn up. No forest management is required in private forests, but it can be done on a voluntary basis.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Forest management is required by law for a regulated forest operation. This is the only way to prove whether a company is operating in terms of forest sustainability .


The forest management leads to a forest management plant. It forms the basis for further management and annual operational planning in the forestry / district . The essential parts are:

  • Operational log (evaluation tables, description of the inventory and planning of measures),
  • Area book (area-specific evaluation, description of the stocks and planning of measures),
  • Area work (area index by municipality, district, parcel) and by forest locations (forest part, department, sub-area) and
  • Maps (maps with the current forest division and the route system).


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