Frédéric Marty

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Frédéric Ladislas Joseph Marty (born June 23, 1911 in Albi , Tarn , † June 14, 1940 in Helsinki ) was a French mathematician .

Frédéric Marty's father was the mathematician Joseph Marty (1885-1914), who taught at the Lycée d'Albi and was killed as a French officer in World War I.

Frédéric Marty received his doctorate in 1931 from the École normal supérieure . Then he was Maître de conférences in Marseille . He was a lieutenant in the French Air Force during World War II and was a victim of the Kaleva incident when he was diplomatic courier on board a Finnish plane that was shot down by the Soviet Air Force .

In the theory of normal families it is known from Marty's theorem. This theorem from his dissertation says that a family of meromorphic functions is normal if and only if the family of spherical derivatives is locally bounded. Furthermore, Marty established the theory of hypergroups and hyperstructures in several papers. He gave a lecture at the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) in Oslo in 1936 .

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