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The Fricktaler Musikanten are a music group from the Fricktal in the Swiss canton of Aargau .


It plays in the Oberkrainer style and was founded in 1980 by Josef Gut. In 1983, the first record contract followed , so that from then on numerous records were produced. In 1986 they were guests on the television program "Gala for Town and Country", for which Wysel Gyr was responsible. Another milestone was the combination of Oberkrainer and Ländlermusik with the Engadiner Ländlermusik . At the 1992 Grand Prix of Folk Music , they achieved 7th place with 30 points with their title “I stand on my freckle lady”. Like many Oberkrainer formations, they also expanded their repertoire to include pop music .


former members

  • Roland Rudigier (* 1941; † 2012), saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, guitar
  • Charly Neuner, guitar, vocals

Repertoire (selection)

  • Insel über'm Nebelmeer (1991) MC
  • Dreams Come True (1991) MC
  • Vacation Period (1991) MC
  • Schlager zum Tanzen (1993) CD

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