Friedrich Balemann

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Friedrich Balemann (born May 24, 1645 in Lübeck , † September 21, 1712 in Jever ) was a German district judge and minister.


Friedrich Balemann was a son of the Lübeck Council Secretary Hinrich Balemann . The Lübeck councilor Heinrich Balemann (councilor, 1643) was his older brother. He studied law at the universities of Giessen, Kiel and Strasbourg. In Strasbourg, he received his doctorate in 1674 with his dissertation De melioratione competente exceptori ex pacto revendendi for licentiate both rights. After a long educational trip, he joined Christine Charlotte von Ostfriesland in 1678 in East Frisian services as chamber councilor and senior master. As a fiscal lawyer, he soon not only regulated the finances, but also the internal administration of the principality. In 1694 he was elected to succeed his father-Wichmann Warners (1624-1693), where he had been previously set aside, county judge and the then Judicial Council for the Principality of Anhalt-Zerbst belonging rule Jever and retained this position until his death.