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Friedrich Helbig (born December 1, 1832 in Jena ; † August 8, 1896 there ) was a German lawyer and writer.


After Helbig had finished his school days, he studied law and philosophy at the universities of Jena and Heidelberg from 1852 to 1855 .

After completing his studies, he was appointed mayor of a village near Weimar and later became secretary of the district administration in Dernbach. Further stations in his career were district assessor in Weida , district judge in Arnstadt and, since autumn 1879, district judge at the Weimar-Prussian district court in Gera .

In autumn 1892 he retired and moved to Jena. Friedrich Helbig died there at the age of 64.


  • Kunigunde of Orlamünde. Deistung, Jena 1860.
  • Babel. Tragedy. 1873.
  • The legend of the "Eternal Jew". Your poetic change and training. Lüderitz, Berlin 1874.
  • Poet and council watchman . In: The Gazebo . Issue 16, 1875, pp. 268–271 ( full text [ Wikisource ] - Wilhelm Treunert ).
  • Gregory VII. Tragedy in 5 acts and one prelude. Reclam, Leipzig 1878 (Universal Library; 1036).
  • The comedy in college. Historical comedy in 4 acts. Reclam, Leipzig 1878 (Universal Library; 956).
  • After Goethe. Comedy. 1878.
  • Luther's stop at the "Bear" in Jena. Dramolet. 1883.
  • The miracle of Frau Holle. Christmas drama. 1887.

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