Friezes (fabric)

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The frieze (also the frieze , French: frise 'fluff') or fluff is a thick, fluffy, woolly blend of wool or cotton yarns . As a cloth-like worsted yarn fabric in a twill weave , it is also known as a coating .

Colloquially, frieze is often confused with unwoven felt . It is a thick, long-haired fabric made from coarse yarn that is heavily milled , but little roughened and sheared; this is followed by hot pressing and brushing. In some cases a finishing compound is used to increase the gloss itself .

A large number of differently named fabrics belong to this genus, such as lady coating , castorine , duffel , Siberian , Kalmuck , etc.

It is, for example, as baize , as covering of poker tables and for the production of Carnival hats used.


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