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Cloth (in the plural: cloth) is a collective name or trade name for fabrics in canvas or cloth , twill and, more rarely, atlas or satin weave made from woolen woolen yarn or from worsted warp and woolen weft with a cloth finish (fulling, brushing and cutting back of the pile).

The rough pile, the concealed weave and the elegant sheen are the distinguishing features of the cloth. Highly crimped merino wool is often processed in mixtures with synthetic fibers (polyester fibers).

The cloths are named either according to the intended use (e.g. uniform cloth) or according to the binding (e.g. satin cloth) or according to the type of finish (e.g. melton cloth ).

The cloth is used for suits, costumes, coats and jackets.

Common usage

In common parlance, made-up pieces of fabric, regardless of their material, are referred to as cloth (in the plural: cloths ). See also; Wipe , towel , headscarf , scarf , handkerchief . The term cloth (in the plural: cloth ) is often used colloquially for any type of textile.


In the nautical language , cloth refers to the canvas or sails in general.

List of cloth factories

Individual evidence

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