Plain weave

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Weave a canvas connection :
red = warp
white = wefts
black = pattern repeat
Canvas tissue under the microscope

The plain weave , poplin (English: Poplin , Broadcloth , Plainweave , Canvas ) is the simplest of the three basic weaves in weaving . Obsolete terms are cloth weave for fabrics made of ( fulled ) wool and taffeta weave for fabrics made of filament yarns .

No other fabric has such a close crossing of warp and weft threads as canvas , with each warp thread (Fig. Red ) alternating above and below a weft thread (white) . The pattern repeat (black) includes two warp and two weft threads.

Plain weave fabric show on the right (top) and left (lower) goods page the same goods image, d. i.e., they are binding . They are also equilateral , i.e. In other words, the binding has an equal number of warp lifts and drops.

Depending on the fiber and / or yarn type , as well as by thread density (= the number of warp and weft threads per unit length) are characterized plain woven fabric by a high sliding and abrasion resistance of; on the other hand, they are difficult to drape (see also drapery ).


The following variants of plain weave exist:


There are also the sub-variants Fil-a-fil ( End End ), Chambray , Batiste (Zephyr), Voile , Chiffon , Zendaline.

Grosgrain ties

Fabrics with rep weave are identified by "Rips" ( Sg. / Pl. ), Or in German " Rippen " ( English Sg. Rip , Pl. Rips ).

The cross rib has a high warp density, with the warp threads covering two or more weft threads . The cross ribs are also called warp trips , as the mostly fine warp threads determine the surface appearance of the goods on the right as well as on the left side of the goods .

The longitudinal rip or weft rip is, so to speak, the opposite of the horizontal rip. The weft threads cover two or more identical warp threads. The high weft density required for weaving reduces productivity , which is why longitudinal ribs are produced less often. The appearance and properties of the fabric mainly depend on the weft.

Panama ties

The basket weave is a cube -like product image (see. Natté ) formed by two or more adjacent equal binding warp occurs two or more in the same trade registered weft threads cover.

Cartridge for a horizontal rip (color legend see above)
Cartridge for a longitudinal rib
Cartridge for a Panama binding

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