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Physical unit
Unit name Furlong
Unit symbol
Physical quantity (s) length
Formula symbol
system Anglo-American system of measurement
In SI units
Named after English Furlong , "furrow length"
Derived from Chain , Rod
See also: yard

The Furlong ( dt. " Furrows length ") is an old Anglo-American measure of length coming from the agriculture . It is not metric and therefore not SI conform .


The old unit acre (4046.86 m²) corresponds to a strip-shaped field of 1 furlong × 0.1 furlong that a team of oxen could plow in about a day . The units morning and yoke , which are still alive in the rural population in Europe today, have similar dimensions .


The Furlong is used especially in Great Britain for the routes of horse races. The Ascot horse race goes over 20 furlongs and thus two and a half miles.

Scottish furlong

The old Scottish furlong deviated from the Anglo-American measure and was about 25 meters taller. The length of this furlong was 226.7671 meters. The conversion factor can be set at 1.127.

  • 1 mile (bulkhead) = 8 furlongs = 1,814.1368 meters


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Individual evidence

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