Günter Aedtner

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Günter Aedtner (born July 16, 1944 ) is a former German soccer player. In the GDR Oberliga , the top division in GDR football , he played between 1965 and 1970 for SC Dynamo Berlin and BFC Dynamo .

Athletic career

In the 1962/63 season, Günter Aedtner played his first games in nationwide GDR football. For the East Berlin SG Dynamo Hohenschönhausen he completed 18 out of 26 league games in the second-rate GDR league and scored six goals. Also in the following two seasons he was part of the team's permanent staff with 19 and 25 point matches and five and seven goals. For the 1965/66 season, the top club of the Dynamo sports association , SC Dynamo Berlin , took over Aedtner for its league team. In the 26 league games this season, in which the football section was transferred to the newly founded BFC Dynamo in early 1966, Aedtner was used 17 times, and with his five goals he also proved his scoring risk in the top league. In the season 1966/67 Aedtner scored four goals in the league, but could only be used in nine games of the first round. Then he had to take a break due to an injury and the BFC was relegated to the GDR league. Aedtner only played there on the first day of the match, when he also scored a goal. After the BFC had managed to get promoted again, Aedtner was able to overcome his injury misery for the time being and played all of the remaining 20 league games from matchday 7, in which he scored four goals. Also in the season 1969/70 he was used regularly as a striker up to the 17th matchday and joined the list of goalscorers as always, as in the previous season with four goals. On the 17th matchday he had to be replaced injured, then he came back as a substitute for ten minutes. In the following years he had to take a break for several weeks. For the 1970/71 season he was only nominated for the 2nd team, with which he only played three games in the GDR league. His farewell from the league was Aedtner on the 5th matchday with his only use of the season, in which he came in the 66th minute as a substitute on the field. In view of this development, the BFC management saw no more prospects and dismissed Aedtner.

This joined the company sports association (BSG) Motor Eberswalde , which played in the third-class district league Frankfurt (Oder) in 1971/72 . Aedtner was active there until the end of the 1980/81 season. In his first season he helped the team to rise to the GDR league, but then had to relegate twice again, so that he came to a total of seven second division seasons in Eberswalde . He regained his foothold there immediately and was part of the team every season. Between 1974 and 1978 he was BSG Motor's top scorer four times. Of 154 GDR league games in Aedtner's Eberswalder time, this played 151 games. Even when he went into his last GDR league season as a 36-year-old in 1980, he only missed one point game. When he ended his career in higher-class football, after eleven years he was able to look back on 65 league games with 17 goals and 223 GDR league games with 65 goals.


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