Gaius Cornelius Cethegus (Senator)

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Gaius Cornelius Cethegus († December 5, 63 BC in Rome ) was a Roman senator of the late Republic and participant in the Catilinarian Conspiracy .

The son of Publius Cornelius Cethegus worked with Lucius Sergius Catilina at a young age . When Catiline left Rome after Cicero's first Catiline speech, he stayed behind in Rome with the task of killing the leading senators. But because his superior, Publius Cornelius Lentulus Sura , did not decide to act, the conspirators were arrested. A collection of swords and daggers was found near Cethegus, which - together with a letter he had given to the ambassador of the Allobrogans - were considered to be indications that he was significantly involved in the conspiracy. Cethegus was born with other conspirators on December 5, 63 BC. Sentenced to death and executed.

Cethegus was (according to Sallust , Cat. 43, 4) as bold and quick in his decisions.


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