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Kornfeld Gallery, view of the garden

The Kornfeld Gallery is an auction house as well as an art dealer and gallery in Bern in the field of classical modernism , the 19th century, contemporary art (paintings, drawings, graphics and sculptures) as well as graphics and drawings by old masters.


Heinrich Georg Gutekunst opened a gallery for graphics and drawings in Stuttgart on October 1st, 1864. The companies Richard Gutekunst in London (1895–1914), Gutekunst and Klipstein in Bern (1919–1951), Kornfeld and Klipstein and Galerie Kornfeld in Bern (from 1951) emerged in uninterrupted order .

A first series of auctions took place in Stuttgart from 1868 to 1914 at HG Gutekunst. When HG Gutekunst retired in 1910, Wilhelm A. Gaiser took over the company until 1914. HG Gutekunst died seven months before the outbreak of war . His son Richard Gutekunst continued the activity after the war. In 1919 the reference library and the legacy of the HG Gutekunst company formed the basis for the establishment of the Gutekunst and Klipstein company in Bern. In the first 15 years the activity was limited to holding an important camp. Then August Klipstein started a new auction series in 1934 after Richard Gutekunst had retired from active business life. By the time he died in 1951, 60 auctions had taken place. Eberhard W. Kornfeld took over the company after the death of August Klipstein in 1951. A number of catalogs of works are scientifically developed at Kornfeld and some of them are published by the company's own publishing house.

The main building of the gallery is the historic Villa Thurmau at Laupenstrasse 41 in Bern, probably built by Rudolf Stettler. The Zurich Dépendance is located at Titlisstrasse 48. As part of the previews in Bern and Zurich, consignors have the opportunity to present their works of art. The auction room in Bern offers space for over 300 auction visitors.

Areas of activity


The main activity is focused on the multi-day auction series that takes place once a year in June, during which the works of art selected throughout the year are auctioned. Art Basel , the world's most important, internationally oriented art fair , will take place in parallel in June .

The Kornfeld Gallery specializes in the art of the 19th and 20th centuries and contemporary art as well as graphics and drawings by old masters.

Art trade and exhibitions

Throughout the year, purchases for the warehouse and sales from the warehouse are made and works of art are privately mediated. Exhibitions of art from the 15th to the 21st century are held regularly.

publishing company

In parallel to the auctions and the art trade, publications on art, mostly catalogs of works of graphics, are produced. The Kornfeld Gallery has published the catalog raisonné of prints by Paul Klee , Max Beckmann , Paul Gauguin , Alberto Giacometti , Giovanni Giacometti , Ernst Ludwig Kirchner , Paul Klee, Käthe Kollwitz , Albert Müller , Pablo Picasso , Paul Signac and Otto Tschumi .



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