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The Association for German Student History eV (GDS) is a historical association that deals with the history and current problems of the university , student body , student (especially student associations ) and academic organizations. Her magazine Studenten-Kurier , book publications and specialist conferences serve this purpose .


The GDS was founded on August 4, 1974 as the archive association of Markomannia in Würzburg and initially had the task of securing and making accessible the historically important archive holdings of a connection, namely the KDStV Markomannia in the CV zu Würzburg, founded in 1871. From the beginning, the association was open to anyone interested, and members of various corporations were already among the founders.

Three decades later, the non-profit association with extensive work areas comprised around 2,100 members from almost all corporation associations and beyond. Since the foundation, with one interruption (Pastor Detlef Freshness, Essen, 2008–2012), the historian Friedhelm Golücke , Paderborn , has chaired it .

In 1981, the members' magazine first appeared Students courier , the quarterly achieved with its new episode in 1986, the members and the board member Detlef freshness in Essen, where the office is, supervised the association is based. In the same year the name of the club was changed. From the end of 1989, the GDS was able to officially manage its members in the GDR, who had previously only been allowed to belong to it covertly and who published messages without naming their names in the student courier.

From 1989 on, GDS publications were published by SH-Verlag (Schernfeld, later Vierow near Greifswald and Cologne). The publishing house was closed in 2013. The scientific series Abhandlungen zum Student- und Hochschulwesen , published on behalf of GDS, was taken over by Böhlau Verlag (Vienna, Cologne, Weimar).

In 1992 the first GDS song seminar took place at Bodenstein Castle in Saxony . These meetings became a tradition; the contributions of the first five meetings were published in 2001 in the book Ergo Cantemus . Since 2002 the GDS conferences have been carried out in a new form and linked to the GDS day. The membership program is now rounded off with student and university history trips under the direction of board member Raimund Lang.

From 1996 there was an intensification of the cooperation with the working group of student historians in the CDA , which chose the GDS archive as its publication organ. The GDS has been running its own institute at the Paderborn City Archives since 2003, the Institute for German Student History (IDS) with a library, archive and collections. The German Student History Foundation is also a founding of the association.

As a jubilee gift for the 30th anniversary in 2004, Golücke published an author's lexicon on university and student history.


The association publishes several academic series on university and student history:

  • Treatises on student and higher education
  • GDS archive with attachments
  • Revocatio historiae in cooperation with the KV
  • Small fonts from the GDS
  • Student history library

Smaller historical contributions can also be found in every issue of the quarterly Studenten-Kurier .

Among other things, the association publishes the following standard works for corporate students:

  • Student dictionary
  • Civis Academicus
  • The fuxing hour
  • Lexicon of CV and ÖCV connections

The first edition of the Specimen Corporationum Cognitarum was also published in 2000 in collaboration with the GDS.

Student dictionary

The students dictionary by Friedhelm Golücke appeared in 1979 in the first edition and 1987 in its fourth edition. It quickly emerged as a recognized standard reference work that can now be found in almost all university libraries. A more manageable “Small Student Dictionary” by the author was published in 2006 by SH-Verlag Cologne ( ISBN 978-3-89498-171-6 ).

Civis Academicus

The Civis Academicus is the "handbook of German, Austrian and Swiss corporations and student associations at universities and colleges, as well as student associations". In addition, the student connections in the other European countries as well as connections comparable to the Central European connections in Canada, Chile, Japan, Syria, Venezuela and Cyprus are given. The American and Canadian brotherhoods are not listed .

The eighth edition was published by GDS 2005/2006 with 524 pages ( ISBN 3-89498-149-0 ). Previously, the third to seventh edition of the Civis Academicus was published by Moritz-Schauenburg-Verlag and edited by Klaus Kettling. The founder and long-time editor Ernst-Günter Glienke has died, the work is being looked after by his son Arnt.

The fuxing hour

The Fuxenstunde is a manual originally published by the association for training foxes in student associations . It is now available in a revised 5th edition (2014) published without official participation by GDS ( ISBN 978-3-925171-92-5 ). The authors deal with topics of general interest, such as the history of student associations (including behavior during the Nazi era and the Jewish student associations), the comment , the scale and the like. The book is designed in such a way that each student association creates its own special part with association and possibly association-specific information to supplement the general part .

Lexicon of CV and ÖCV connections

The extensive work by Siegfried Schieweck-Mauk, published in 1997, describes the history of the connections of the largest German association of Catholic student associations with a scientific apparatus (including Austria up to 1933). The expired associations and the holiday associations that are no longer common today are not omitted.

Scientific series

The GDS has been publishing relevant dissertations, habilitation theses and similar scientific monographs since 1987 in its series of treatises on student and higher education .

The GDS archive has also been published every two years since 1992. In addition to smaller academic articles, it also contains a bibliography of current university and student history publications.

Finally, the Student History Library series brings together faithful reprints of “classics” from university and student history.

Honourings and prices

The GDS awards a plate of honor, the GDS plaque and the Paul Ssymank Prize at irregular intervals .


In the Archiv für Kulturgeschichte 2008, p. 197 it says: "The 'Association for German Student History (GDS)', founded in 1974, has opened up the most general, subject-specific issues, and its most recent publications are of a remarkable standard.


  • Siegfried Schieweck-Mauk: The community for German student history. 40 years. Würzburg 2016. ISBN 978-3-945801-05-5 .

Individual evidence

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