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Georg Julius Engelmann (born July 2, 1847 in St. Louis , Missouri , USA ; † November 16, 1903 in Nashua , New Hampshire , USA) was a German-American doctor and specialist author .


Engelmann was the son of the doctor and botanist George Engelmann in St. Louis and Dorothea Horstmann (1804–1879). He studied medicine at George Washington University , where he earned his BA in 1867 and his MA in 1870. During the period of the American Civil War , he kept an accurate war diary, and his records, as far as he could judge, were objective, although he sympathized with the southern states . From 1867 he continued at the universities of Tübingen , Vienna and Paris and finally received his doctorate in 1871 at the University of Berlin .

In 1873 he returned to his hometown of St. Louis and settled there as a general practitioner. His first marriage was to his cousin Emily Engelmann († March 28, 1890). After the death of his wife, he moved to Boston, Massachusetts, in 1895, where he married a second time.

Engelmann researched the birth practices of indigenous peoples . His collection of essays and drawings on this subject from 1882 is still relevant today, with Engelmann advocating the upright position at birth as opposed to lying down as being safer for mother and child.

Fonts (selection)

One of the sketches by Georg Julius Engelmann from 1882
  • Education not the cause of race decline , no place or year.
  • The American girl of to-day; modern education and functional health , without information on location or year.
  • The health of the American girl as imperilled by the social conditions of the day , Verlag WJ Dornan, 1891.
  • History of obstetrics , Lea Brothers, 1888.
  • The use of electricity in gynecological practice , St. Louis 1886.
  • Labor among primitive peoples: Showing the development of the obstetric science of today, from the natural and instinctive customs of all races, civilized and savage, past and present , Verlag JH Chambers & Co, 1882 - reprint of the first edition, Verlag Ams Press, 1975 , ISBN 0-404-13257-X - Special Edition, The Classics of Obstetrics & Gynecology Library, 1991.
  • The birth among the indigenous peoples. A representation of the development of today's birth theory from the natural and unconscious customs of all races , from English with additions by C. Hennig, Verlag Braumüller, Vienna 1884.
  • The mucous membrane of the uterus: With special reference to the development and structure of the deciduae , Verlag William Wood, 1875.
  • On prolapse of the umbilical cord: Its cause and treatment , 1874.
  • Fundamental principles of gynecological electro-therapy; application and dosage , AL Chatterton, New York 1891.


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Individual evidence

  1. George Julius Engelmann Papers, Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis

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