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Gerthsen Physik , originally written by Christian Gerthsen , is one of the most famous German-language textbooks on physics . It roughly covers the subject matter of the experimental physics compulsory lectures of a physics degree , with a focus on the basic lectures of the first semester, and is also used for minor subject lectures.


The first edition of the book, published by Verlag Volk und Wissen Berlin in 1948 , was created from the transcripts of Gerthsen's lectures at the Humboldt University in Berlin in 1946/47. After Gerthsen's death in 1956, Hans Otto Kneser took over the editorial work ( Gerthsen – Kneser – Vogel ) from the 5th edition in 1958 , followed by Helmut Vogel from the 12th edition in 1974 , who also published an additional volume with the solutions to the exercises from the Gerthsen ( Problems from physics , Springer, 13th edition 1977). Dieter Meschede has been the publisher since the 21st edition in 2002 .

Current issues

The 23rd edition comprised 1162 pages, contained 94 tables, 105 calculated examples and 1074 problems with solutions as well as a CD-ROM with 30 animations for the visualization of the theory of relativity. In the context of the “ Einstein Year 2005”, the chapter on the theory of relativity was revised and presented in a contemporary way (over long stretches with four-vector vectors ). The entire compendium including exercises is available online in full text at many university libraries .

In 2010 the greatly changed 24th edition appeared. In particular, the four chapters on mechanics have been rewritten and the number of tasks has been significantly reduced.

The 25th edition was published in 2015.

The book covers the topics of classical mechanics (including chaos theory ), vibrations and waves , thermodynamics and statistical mechanics , electromagnetism , optics , basics of relativity and quantum mechanics , atomic physics , solid state physics , nuclear physics and particle physics .

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