Gertrud von Altenberg

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Gertrud von Altenberg

Gertrud von Altenberg (born September 29, 1227 in Thuringia ; † August 13, 1297 in Altenberg Monastery , Solms ) is a Catholic Blessed and was a Premonstratensian .


Gertrud was the youngest daughter of St. Elisabeth of Thuringia (1207–1231) and Landgrave Ludwig IV , who died a few weeks before she was born. At the age of two (other sources speak of 18 months or 4 years) she was given to the Altenberg monastery near Wetzlar , where she became a Premonstratensian. From 1248 Gertrud was the master of this convent in Altenberg. She arranged for the establishment of two infirmaries to take care of those affected. Gertrud died at the age of 70. She brought the precious Armreliquar her mother, St. Elizabeth, the monastery Altenberg, from where it in 1803 with the last nun to the princes of Sayn-Wittgenstein -Sayn, the direct descendants of St. Elizabeth, after Bendorf reached where it is still located today.


Tumben grave in the Altenberg monastery church

Today Gertrud is buried in a tumble grave in the choir of the church of the Altenberg monastery near Wetzlar / Solms-Oberbiel. The tumba from 1334 bears the inscription ANNO DOMINI MCCXCVII IN DIE BEATI YPOLITI OBIIT BEATA GERTRVDIS FELIX MATER HVIVS CONVENTVS FILIA SANCTE ELISABET LANDGRAVIE THURINGIE (= In the year of the Lord 1297 on the day of Blessed Gypolitus (August 13th) died Mother of the convent, the daughter of St. Elisabeth, Landgrave of Thuringia).


A short time after her death in 1297, Gertrud was venerated on Altenberg. In a document issued on December 18, 1311 , Pope Clement V permitted the Altenberg Convention to celebrate Gertrude's annual festival with a solemn ceremony. There is no record of an immediate act of beatification. The inscription of the Grabtumba on Altenberg from 1334 already names Gertrud a blessed woman. The alleged beatification of Gertrude by Pope Clement VI. 1348 is based on a modern forgery. Nevertheless, August 13th is still celebrated today as a day of remembrance for Blessed Gertrude. The Catholic community then organizes a pilgrimage to Gertrude's grave in what is now the Protestant monastery church.


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