Historian in Central Germany

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" Historians in Central Germany " is a reference work on historians of the GDR from 1965.


In 1957, Hans Lades founded the “Collegia Politica” working group at the University of Erlangen . Albrecht Timm ran a branch in Hamburg . Due to the negative experience at the Stockholm International Historians Congress in 1960, the aim of this publication was to present the younger historians of the GDR to their West German colleagues. The foreword closes with the sentence: "As little as facts can be ignored in the scientific field, people should be ignored in the 'all-German conversation'."


The book contains 219 short biographies (“mainly younger historians”), including 17 by women historians. Starting with Alfred Anderle to Gerhard Zschäbitz . Dates of birth, academic degrees, memberships in scientific committees and awards are mentioned. Acquired dissertation - and habilitation works and a selection of monographs , journal articles and reviews "mainly Western German publications". The volume contains a foreword (page 5–6) and a list of abbreviations (page 100).


  • Collegium Politicum at the University of Hamburg , Historiography Working Group (Hrsg.): Historians in Central Germany . Ferd. Dümmlers Verlag, Bonn / Hanover / Hamburg / Munich 1965 (printed by Grenzland-Druckerei Rock & Co). ( DNB 451513835 )

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