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As a legal gazette (generally abbreviated GBl. ) Is an official gazette , which reproduces the wording of the enacted laws or other legal provisions (ordinances, guidelines, etc.) in their binding version. The wording published there is considered to be official. Corrections must be shown in separately published corrections. The term describes both the complete work and the individual (often multi-page) numbered sheet of this work.

Basics of the legal gazette, the announcement and the versions of the laws

The legal gazettes contain the valid version of a law, the entire work of a legal gazette (all its copies) contains the entirety of the applicable laws.

Usually, legal gazettes appear at irregular intervals of a few days to a few weeks, often in blocks depending on the new regulations passed as legislature in the respective session of parliament : These individual editions of a legal gazette are called where they are specially numbered (which is not the case everywhere is) piece  (pcs.) of the legal gazette (as a complete work). The law gazette also partly consists of parts , for example the Federal Law Gazette for the Republic of Austria since 1997 in three parts: Federal Law  (Part I), Ministerial Ordinance  (Part II), State Treaty  (Part III), a law is then known as Federal Law Gazette I No. 1/2020 and noted accordingly. In general, legal sources are given in their current or valid version  (as amended), if the statement relates to a specific status or historical formulations, if used in the version [ of ] (as amended ) with reference to the relevant legal gazette ("§ 1 Model Act as amended by GBl. 01/2020 ") or a date (" as amended on 1.1. 2020 ").

The first publication of a law or the legal journal of the publication is the master version  (Stf.), The other changes are called amendments . Because only the text changes are announced in the Law Gazette, the currently valid version is a virtual, composite text, which is called the consolidated version . This is regularly published in specialist works, for example annually updated legal commentaries , in the past also as a service in ring binder form to exchange individual sheets, today it is increasingly available daily in electronic form in legal information systems. Only in the case of fundamental reforms of a law is it published again in full, this is called re-publication in Austria . Such versions of a law are then often dated with the year in the short title ("Model Law, newly published [re-published] as Model Law 2020"), and are considered an independent law.

In the context of modern e-government , the legally binding announcement is increasingly not as a printed text on paper, but electronically, as it is e.g. B. in Austria in the legal information system of the federal and state governments (authentic version of the legal gazette) .


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Individual evidence

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