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The Gesta Treverorum ( Latin , literally "the deeds of the Treverians ") are a collection of stories, sagas, legends and papal writings that encompassed the history of Trier and the Church of Trier and was created in the last years of the 11th century and records.

They were collected by the monks of the Benedictine Abbey of St. Matthias , using the Annolied as a source , which in turn is based on a Hystoria with Trier sagas and legends written around 1050 . The recording of the collection began in 1105 and continued until the end of the Electorate of Trier in 1794. The Gesta Treverorum were published - partly in sections - by Luc d'Achery (1675), Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1698), Johann Georg von Eckhart (1723), Edmond Martène and Ursin Durand (1729), Augustin Calmet (1745) or Johann Nikolaus von Hontheim (1757). Johann Hugo Wyttenbach presented a first critical edition in three volumes from 1836–39.

Medieval and early modern copies of the Gesta Treverorum have been preserved in many European archives.


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