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Giuseppe Luigi Fossati (* January 1, 1759 in Venice ; † October 7, 1810 , differently 1812, ibid) was a Ticino lawyer and translator in Venice.


Giuseppe Fossati was the son of the fresco painter Davide Antonio Fossati (born April 21, 1708 in Morcote , † December 28, 1795 in Venice) and his wife Giacomina Rezzi. The family came from Ticino, although his father stayed mainly in Venice because of the fresco painting. Giuseppe Fossati lived in Venice all the time, but maintained relationships with families in Switzerland.

From 1777 to 1781 he studied law at the University of Padua and then worked as a lawyer in Venice.

Giuseppe Fossati was since 1799 with Paola, b. Bagolini, married.


Giuseppe Fossati was a member of numerous literary academies and associated with the most important writers of his time. As a student of Melchiorre Cesarotti , he worked as a poet and essayist , but was also active as a translator , for example he translated from the Bible and authors of his era, such as the work Imperfect Poem about Eternity by Albrecht von Haller in Saggio di libere versioni poetiche .

He also published articles on the art of poetry, so Elogio di Dante Alighieri is included in the work Elogi italiani published by Andrea Rubbi in 1783 .

Fonts (selection)

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