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Gordon Daniel Conant

Gordon Daniel Conant KC (born January 11, 1885 in Cedar Dale, East Whitby Township, Ontario , † January 2, 1953 in Oshawa , Ontario) was a Canadian politician of the Liberal Party of Canada , who was chairman of the Ontario Liberal Party between 1942 and 1943 as well was also Prime Minister of Ontario from 1942 to 1943 .


After attending school, Conant completed a law degree at the University of Toronto and, after graduating and admitted to the bar in 1912, began working as a lawyer in Oshawa . In the following years he began his political career in local politics and acted only as Deputy Reeve in 1914 and as Reeve of Oshawa in 1915, before he was the youngest mayor of Oshawa from 1916 to 1917 . He was also active as president of the city's hospital and chamber of commerce. For his legal services he was appointed Crown Attorney (King's Counsel) in 1933 and took over the office of the Crown Attorney for Ontario County in 1934 .

On October 6, 1937, Conant was elected as a candidate of the Ontario Liberal Party to be a member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and represented in this until June 30, 1943 the constituency of Ontario .

On October 12, 1937 he was appointed by Prime Minister Mitchell Hepburn in the government of the province of Ontario and served there until the end of Hepburn's tenure on October 12, 1942 as Attorney General and thus as Minister of Justice. During this time he was also chairman of the special committee for the investigation of the administration of justice between February 21, 1941 and February 21, 1941.

After the resignation of Prime Minister Hepburn, Conant was named the 12th Prime Minister of Ontario by Lieutenant Governor Albert Edward Matthews on October 21, 1942 . He held this office until his replacement by his party friend Harry Nixon on May 18, 1943.

At the same time he was Hepburn's successor from 1942 until his replacement by Nixon and chairman of the Ontario Liberal Party and continued to serve as attorney general in his cabinet from October 21, 1942 to May 18, 1943.

After resigning from government and legislative assembly, Conant, who was made an honorary doctorate from the University of Toronto in 1944 , was a Masters at the Ontario Supreme Court between 1943 and 1951 .

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