Thomas Laird Kennedy

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Thomas Laird Kennedy

Thomas Laird Kennedy (born August 15, 1878 in Mississauga , † February 13, 1959 ) was a Canadian politician and the 15th Prime Minister of Ontario.


Thomas Kennedy was Minister of Agriculture from 1930 to 1934 under Premier Howard Ferguson and remained so under his successor George Stewart Henry until the Conservatives suffered a severe defeat against the Liberals in the provincial elections of 1934. After the landslide victory, Kennedy lost his mandate and did not return to the legislature until the 1937 elections ; with the 1943 election he was also in government for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario . Under George A. Drew he was reappointed Minister of Agriculture. After Drew switched to federal politics, Kennedy was elected interim Prime Minister and also chairman of the Ontario PC Party. On April 27, 1947, Leslie Frost was elected as the new party leader. Kennedy was the Premier of Ontario for only seven months, from October 19, 1948 to May 4, 1949. Under Frost, Thomas Kennedy was again Minister of Agriculture, which he remained until 1953. He retired from active politics at the age of 75, but remained a member of the Ontario Legislative Assembly until his death .

Thomas Kennedy died in 1959 at the age of 80.


The Thomas L. Kennedy Secondary School in Mississauga bears his name in his honor.

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