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Gottfried Gerstbach (born April 26, 1945 in Lower Austria ) is associate professor ( venia legendi for astronomical geodesy) at the Vienna University of Technology and lecturer for astronomy .

After graduating in surveying in 1968 at the Vienna University of Technology, he became a university assistant at the Institute for Higher Geodesy with Karl Ledersteger in 1969 . In the 1970s he had research stays at the universities of Stuttgart , Graz and Trieste , as well as an extensive land surveying project in southern Persia ( Iran ). In the Vienna test network of his institute, he worked on geoid determination and the further development of astro-geodetic measurement methods.

As a university lecturer (since 1979) at the Vienna University of Technology, he led geoid research projects in Lower Austria , and from 1995–2004 research projects for the promising use of CCD in geodetic astronomy and the GIS symposia GeoLIS (Vienna). By 2005 he had published around 110 scientific publications and gave around 120 lectures. Since then he has also devoted himself to celestial education and was elected chairman of the Austrian Astro Association in 2017 .

His research areas are: geodetic astronomy and higher geodesy (especially gravimetry and geological density models for calculating the geoid ), interdisciplinary geographic information systems (GIS) and navigation .

Main publications

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