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Grande Cote

The Grande-Côte ( French great coast ) is the name of the stretch of coast in the West African state of Senegal , which extends north from the Cap-Vert peninsula to the city of Saint-Louis .


The Grande-Côte stretches in a very straight line for over 150 kilometers and is accompanied along its entire length by sandy beaches , coastal dunes and underwater by sandbanks . Landside of the coastal dunes there is a strip of wetlands , the Zone des Niayes . In front of the coast, the relatively cold and uncomfortable bathing Canary Current moves towards Cabo Verde and high breaking waves crash onto the beach from the swell of the open Atlantic .

Unlike the Petite-Côte , there are only a few larger cities here. Kayar and Mboro are the exceptions. The last stage of the Dakar Rally 2004 led along this coastline.

The coastline is also relatively rich in minerals , including zircon in significant quantities that have recently been discovered. Lac Rose , located directly behind the dunes, is used for salt production and as a tourist attraction.