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Gratian , also Magister Gratianus or Gratianus de Clusio , (* in Chiusi late 11th century; † before 1160 in Bologna ) is considered the father of canon law . He is the author of the Decretum Gratiani , written around 1140 , the most influential collection of medieval canon law.

Little is known about Gratian himself - that he was a Camaldolese monk is now often referred to the realm of legends. The first name Johannes is just as uncertain. Gratian's activity began at a time when teaching at the Bologna School of Law was firmly institutionalized. He taught canon law there . Dealing with this topic made it seem sensible to create a standard work comparable to the Corpus Iuris Civilis for canon law as well. He himself called his work, later mainly known as Decretum Gratiani , Concordia Discordantium Canonum .


  • Decretum  : with commentary by Johannes Teutonicus and Bartholomaeus Brixiensis . Strasbourg 1490 ( digitized )


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