Guan Ping

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Guan Ping (simplified: 关 平, traditional: 關 平, Pinyin : Guān Píng; † 219 ) was the eldest son of the Shu general Guan Yu and a general under Liu Bei .


Not much is known about Guan Ping's life from historical sources, not even his stylized name. Only his capture by the Wu troops together with his father west of Maicheng (麦 城, southeast of today's Dangyang , Hubei ) in 219 and his subsequent execution by the hand of Lu Meng are certain.

In the history of the three kingdoms

In chapter 28 of the historical novella The Story of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong , it is mentioned that Guan Ping was adopted by Guan Yu at the age of 17 because his biological father wanted him to work alongside the legendary general. Guan Yu adopted Guan Ping as his son because he himself had no birth at that time.


Since the deification of Guan Yu under the Sui Dynasty , Guan Ping often appeared in temples and shrines alongside Zhou Cang (周仓) (sometimes with Wang Fu and Liao Hua ) at the side of his father's statue. The three of them also often appeared together in portraits. Guan Ping's white face is in stark contrast to Zhou Cang's pitch black appearance.