Guigues V. (Albon)

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Guigues V. d'Albon (* around 1125; † July 29, 1162 in Vizille ) was Count of Albon since 1142. During his reign he took the title of Dauphin of Viennois . He was the son of Guigues IV of Albon and Marguerite of Mâcon .

When his father died in 1142, he was still too young to rule himself, so he was under his mother's reign until 1153. Barely able to carry arms because of his age, Guigues set out to avenge his father's death. He invaded the territory of the Count of Savoy , besieged - like eleven years earlier - Montmélian , but had to face the army of Count Humbert III. give way. The Bishop of Grenoble , Hugo II (1132–1148) intervened and concluded a mutually honorable peace. On January 13, 1155, Guigues V recognized in Rivoli near Turin the sovereignty of the emperor Friedrich Barbarossa , who in return assured him the possession of his lands. In addition, he received a silver mine at Râme in the Embrunais and the right to mint in Cézanne.

Guigues V. died without a male heir. He had married Beatrice von Montferrat (* 1142, † 1228) in 1155 , daughter of Margrave Rainer (Montferrat) and Gisela of Burgundy. Their only daughter was Beatrix (* 1161 † 1228) , who was one year old when he inherited .

predecessor Office successor
Guigues IV. Count of Albon / Dauphin von Viennois