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Béatrice d'Albon (* 1161 ; † December 16, 1228 at the castle of Vizille ) was from 1162 Dauphine of Viennois, Countess of Albon , Grenoble , Oisans and Briançon ; she was the daughter of Guigues V. d'Albon , Dauphin von Viennois and Beatrice von Montferrat .


Her father died when she was only 1 year old, so that she was under the tutelage of her grandmother Mathilde or Margarete von Burgund († 1163/64), who put her energy into finding her a husband.

She was married as early as 1164, at the age of three and the year her grandmother died. Her husband was Albéric Taillefer of Toulouse, the second son of Raimund V , Count of Toulouse , and Constance of France, only seven years old himself, but the nephew of King Louis VII - the approach of the Dauphiné , which was part of the Empire, to the Kingdom of France, had begun.

After the grandmother's death, the mother took over the reign of Béatrice. Albéric Taillefer died in 1183 without any descendants. In 1184 the young widow married Hugo III. of Burgundy (* 1148, † 1192), with whom she had three children:

Hugo III took part in the Third Crusade and died in Tire in 1192 . In the following year, Béatrice entered into her third marriage, this time with a noblewoman from Bresse , Hugo von Coligny (* 1170; † 1205), Lord of Coligny-le-Neuf , with whom she had two more children:

  • Béatrix, † 1240/41, Dame de Malleval et de Rochechaume; ⚭ Albert III., Sire de La Tour (-du Pin), † 1259/60 ( House La Tour-du-Pin ). Her grandson Humbert I of La Tour du Pin married his third cousin, Anne, granddaughter of Guigues VI, and became a Dauphin of Viennois.
  • Marie, 1234/66 Dame de Varey, de Vaux et de Saint-Sorlin; ⚭ 1241 Raoul (Rodolphe), 1253 Count of Geneva, † 1265

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