Hip (meat)

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Beef hip

The hip (from Middle High German huf ) or flower (regionally referred to as Rosenspitz, Huft, Kaiserstück, Mürbschoß ) is the part of the leg of beef lying on the spine .

The front area of ​​the hip borders on the roast beef , in the lower area on the ball and in the rear area on the boiled beef , which forms part of the tail .

The hip can be further divided into the following parts:

  • The fat hip represents the extension of the lean roast beef strand on the leg side.
  • The adjacent section is called the narrow hip or hip fillet .
  • The hip pin (regionally called hip cover ) is a thin, wedge-shaped piece of meat lying on the thick and narrow hip.

The connected thick and narrow hips (without pegs) form the so-called steak hips , from which hip steaks , rump steaks and sirloin steaks can be cut (sometimes only the big hips are used for steaks ). In addition to being used for steak cuts, the hip in the piece is suitable for braising and roasting .

In Austria the cut is a little different. There, a distinction is made between Hüferscherzel (a little further in front), white Scherzel (behind) and Tafelspitz (part of the tail piece ).