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Hans Egon Büschgen , usual: Hans E. Büschgen , (born November 11, 1932 in Schwelm ; † January 19, 2019 in Cologne-Rondorf ) was a German economist in the field of banking studies .

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Büschgen completed his Abitur in Schwelm in 1953 and completed an apprenticeship at Dresdner Bank . In 1956 he began studying business administration at the University of Cologne , which he completed after just 6 semesters with a degree in business administration; his diploma thesis was entitled "The gold trade in the Federal Republic of Germany". In 1960 he started working for Heinrich Rittershausen with a thesis on “stock analysis and stock valuation according to profitability. The price-earnings ratio and estimate of the net profit from the tax statement for German stock corporations "to the Dr. rer. pole. PhD . Under the title “Statutory minimum reserves and deposit virulence”, he published an article in 1963 on the dependence of the minimum reserve on the turnover rate of the deposits . He also dedicated his post- doctoral thesis , again supervised by Rittershausen, to the subject with the title “The statutory minimum reserve requirement of credit institutions. An economic study of their significance, their functions and their possible revision ”(unpublished), in which he proposed the term“ mandatory deposits ”for minimum reserves. He also examined the possibility of choosing the assets side as a basis for assessing the minimum reserve.

He received a call to the University of Giessen , which he refused. He also turned down the call to the University of Hamburg , where he had already taken over a professorship, in order to succeed his academic teacher Heinrich Rittershausen. Büschgen stayed from his appointment in 1966 until his retirement at the end of March 1998 at the University of Cologne and beyond, as he represented his chair himself until September 1999. His academic successor was Thomas Hartmann-Wendels .

Büschgen lived in Cologne-Rondorf and was married; the marriage had two daughters. He was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on ribbon of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany . He died in 2019 at the age of 86 and was buried in the cemetery in Cologne-Rondorf.


Büschgen was particularly interested in the link between theory and practice. He consolidated this through his banking seminars at the Cologne University Institute , which he has directed since 1966, and which addressed practitioners. The focus of his work was the increasing market and competitive orientation of the banks since the 1970s, the internationalization of the banking industry and the increasing importance of active risk management .

Büschgen's first book, “Aktienanalysis and Equity Assessment According to Earning Power” (1962) was a copy of his dissertation . The book "Wertpapieranalyse" (1966) dealt in detail with cash flow analysis (pp. 116–133). He dealt with leasing as early as 1967 , and in 1968 the book "Leasing in Corporate Financing" appeared on the subject. As early as 1966 he turned to special topics such as “Aspects of Section 6b of the Income Tax Act for Industrial Enterprises” or “Consideration of the economic downturn in corporate financial policy” (1967). In 1968 the Festschrift was published for his predecessor Heinrich Rittershausen under the title “Money, Capital and Credit”, and in 1969 his book “Der deutsche Geldmarkt” came onto the book market. His overall scientific accounts of the “ banking theory ” (1972) are significant . This was followed in particular by books on “Fundamentals of operational finance” (1979), “Die Großbanken ” (1983), “Handwortbuch der Finanzwirtschaft” (1988), the “Börsen-Lexikon” (1989), “ Bankmarketing ” (1995), “ International Financial Management “(1997); after his retirement in 1999, “Fundamentals of Bank Management” appeared.

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