Hans Hubberten

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Hans Hubberten (born December 19, 1929 in Krefeld , † June 11, 1988 in Bad Kohlgrub ) was a German screenwriter. He wrote numerous television shows as an author and was instrumental in the great success u. a. involved in the Peter Alexander Show .


Hubberten went to school in Krefeld. The parents ran an inn "Zum Schwan" in Krefeld. Hubberten received intensive music lessons (accordion and piano) in his childhood. He was also very fond of painting, especially portraits. As a 15-year-old, Hubberten had to do labor in the trenches, from where he returned after just six weeks. In 1943 the Hubberten family moved from Krefeld to St. Tönis . At the age of 17, after finishing school (including at the Fichte-Gymnasium in Krefeld), he had the opportunity to learn "practice" in the field of entertainment at the station in Cologne, today's WDR . Hubberten was allowed to perform humorous songs on the piano at a young talent competition of the NWDR . The then NWDR head of entertainment, Peter Kottmann, offered him a traineeship. Hans Hubberten took it immediately. This enabled him to contact people from the entertainment industry and ultimately resulted in the solid build-up of further success. His special style of musical conferences was praised by many well-known artists, but also by the audience. He made a name for himself with his “stroll through West German cabarets”. Harald Vock , head of the entertainment department at NDR , then discovered the talented point writer for television. One of his sponsors at that time was also the show director Michael Pflegehar .

The television success story of Peter Alexander is connected to Hubberten's career . The ZDF shows (specialties ..., Congratulations ...) with the books by Hans Hubberten and performed by Peter Alexander achieved high ratings. The team around the successful producer Wolfgang Rademann ( Das Traumschiff , Die Schwarzwaldklinik ) and television show director Ekkehard Böhmer set standards in television entertainment. Hubberten was an author who took complicated ideas himself and developed something from them. The career of his longtime partner Gisela Schlüter is closely connected to Hubberten's career .

Not only Peter Alexander, but also many other artists acted and sang from his scripts. TV examples of this are:

Snacks between meals , shark bar , New Year's Eve shows, Hallo Paulchen, Treffpunkt Herz , An evening for ..., The 100,000 horsepower show, I like to invite guests, We make music, Hallo Vico, Anneliese Rothenberger has the honor to start Happiness, happiness and glass, An evening in blue, Come on, May, A day in Vienna, And the music is playing, It will never be like this again, That speaks volumes, That only exists once, This is my world, Everything goes better with music, great happiness at low prices, music is in the air, lively shapes - perky curves, from house to house, I like to remember, keys - hits - crazy ideas, the time was beautiful.

In 1972 Hubberten received the Golden Camera from " Hörzu " for author of the Peter Alexander Shows and in 1974 he was the recipient of the Robert Stolz Foundation award for his book on the program "The World of Robert Stolz ".

In 1988, at the age of 58, Hubberten died of a heart attack and was buried in the Bad Kohlgrub cemetery.