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Hans Koepf (born May 28, 1916 in Mülhausen , Alsace , † 1994 ) was a German architecture and art historian .

Live and act

Hans Koepf spent his youth in Upper Swabia , where his father was the school director. He attended the humanistic grammar school in Ulm and then studied architecture at the Technical University of Stuttgart . a. at. with Heinz Wetzel , Paul Bonatz and Paul Schmitthenner . In 1939 he passed the main diploma examination. In 1942, he was awarded a Dr.-Ing. doctorate and worked there as a research assistant.

From 1950/51 to 1961 he was a lecturer in building history at the Stuttgart State Building School , and for one year he also taught as a visiting professor at the Technical University of Istanbul . From 1961 until his retirement in 1986 he was full professor and head of the Institute for Architecture and Building Recordings (later Institute for Architecture, Monument Preservation and Art History) at the Technical University of Vienna . In 1985 he received an honorary doctorate from the Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul.

He is best known for his pictorial dictionary of architecture , which was first published in 1968.

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