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Hans Manfred Bock

Hans Manfred Bock (born May 13, 1940 in Kassel ) is a German political scientist and comparator who has taught and researched as a professor at the Sorbonne and at the Universities of Kassel and Paris III since 1970 .


Growing up in northern Hesse (Kassel) and southern Lower Saxony, Bock passed his Abitur at the Kassel secondary school in 1960. He enrolled in Marburg / Lahn for political science, German and Romance studies and studied in Marburg and Paris . In 1964/65 he was a teaching assistant and lecturer at the German department of the newly founded University of Orléans . He received his doctorate in political science under Wolfgang Abendroth in 1967 with a thesis on the history and political sociology of the German labor movement: “Syndicalism and Left Communism from 1918 to 1923”.

In 1968 he was placed as a lecturer at the Sorbonne in Paris by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). There he was involved in the establishment of the reform institution Institut d'Allemand d'Asnières (IAA) from 1969 under the direction of the Germanist and politician Pierre Bertaux and moved from the Sorbonne to the IAA. In 1970 he was appointed professeur associé at the IAA and was actively involved in the conception of the civilization component for German studies abroad, which was funded by the DAAD.

In 1972, Bock accepted a position at the then Comprehensive University of Kassel (GHK) for political science (political sociology) and for several years was mainly involved in the development and expansion of this discipline. In the summer of 1976 and 1977 he took on a visiting professorship in a postgraduate program in Middelbury / Vermont in the USA. He expanded his political, sociological and historical research on the labor movement and intellectual organizations in Germany to include the present and represented comparative political science first in teaching and then in research .

France and Germany remained the starting point and focus of Bock's comparative research. He was visiting professor at the University of Paris III (Sorbonne Nouvelle) in 1984/85 and shifted his research interest to questions of Franco-German relations in the 20th century with the focus on social and cultural relations between the two nations. In the 1990s, these studies were differentiated in two directions: on the one hand, dealing with intermediary institutions, organizations and personalities and, on the other hand, studying intellectual research.

Bock was visiting professor at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in 1992/93 and at the IAA in 1999/2000. In Franco-German cooperation he developed several basic monographs on Franco-German intermediary institutions (including the German-French Institute (DFI) and the German-French Youth Office (DFJW)) and personalities (including André François-Poncet , Pierre Bertaux and Pierre Viénot as well as Ernst Robert Curtius and Paul Distelbarth ). In addition, he tried to contribute to the establishment of systematic intellectual research in Germany with research on German-language cultural magazines and the Marburg School . His monographs on the history and sociology of left radicalism in Germany are considered standard works.

Bock was co-editor of the France Yearbook, which is published by DFI, from 1991 to 2005 and co-editor of the bilingual magazine Lendemains. Études comparées sur la France . Comparative French research with responsibility for history and social sciences since 1988. He is a member of the German Association for Political Science , the German Association of Romanists and the Franco-German Committee for research into German and French history of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Bock has been Chevalier de l'Ordre des Palmes Académiques since 2006 and was honored in 2005 with the Festschrift François Beilecke, Katja Marmetschke (ed.): The Intellectual and the Mandarin. For Hans Manfred Bock , Kassel 2005, Kassel University Press (809 pages).


The complete bibliography up to 2005 is in the commemorative publication Der Intellektuelle und der Mandarin. Documented for Hans Manfred Bock , Kassel 2005.


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Publishing activities

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