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Hans Murawski (born February 12, 1915 in what would later become Wuppertal ; † May 9, 1994 in Frankfurt am Main ) was a German geologist. He was professor and director of the Geological-Paleontological Institute at the University of Frankfurt .


Murawski, the son of the chemist Walter Murawski, studied geology in Frankfurt and Breslau from 1934, in Frankfurt he had become a member of the old Strasbourg fraternity Germania . After military service in World War II from 1939, he continued his studies in Göttingen. In 1951 he completed his habilitation with Erich Bederke at the University of Göttingen ( The Development History of the Younger Tertiary West of the Leinegraben ). 1954/55 he was a diet lecturer at the TH Karlsruhe and from 1955 curator and private lecturer at the Geological Institute of the University of Cologne . From 1957 he was scientific advisor and professor there. In 1968 he became a full professor of geology and paleontology in Frankfurt and at the same time director of the Geological-Paleontological Institute.

Murawski mainly dealt with tectonics and among other things with tertiary basalt volcanism in Lower Saxony and the geology of the Spessart . In the 1970s he was the initiator of the DFG project Geotraverse Rhenoherzynikum through the Rhenish Slate Mountains .

He is best known for his geological dictionary , which has been published in many editions .

He had been married since 1942.


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