Hans Nicolai Andreas Jensen

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Jensen's grave in the Boren churchyard

Hans Nicolai Andreas Jensen (born April 24, 1802 in Flensburg , † May 7, 1850 in Boren ) was a Schleswig-Holstein pastor and local researcher.

In Flensburg Jensen went to the Latin school ( old grammar school ) and then studied Protestant theology at the University of Kiel (1822-1826). Then he worked as a private tutor in Flensburg. From 1831 to 1845 Jensen worked as a pastor in Gelting and later in Boren .

In addition to many ecclesiastical treatises, he wrote the first description of fishing . In it he describes the landscape, the early history, the church conditions, the former possessions of the clergy, the noble estates, the offices and the Harden , in the second part also the 38 Angelner parishes in detail. His main work on Schleswig-Holstein church history remained unfinished and was only published in 4 volumes by ALJ Michelsen from 1873 to 1879 .

Unofficial coat of arms

The coat of arms of Angles was compiled by him and appeared for the first time in the Festgabe for the members of the XI. Assembly of German farmers and foresters . The coat of arms of fishing is not a sovereign symbol, but is very popular among the inhabitants of fishing. It is widely used on flags with the colors of Schleswig-Holstein and on decorative plates.

He stood in the bilingual tradition of fishing ( Low German and Angel Danish ). He rejected the Schleswig-Holstein War from 1848 to 1850 in his homeland. So he was claimed by both Danish and German historians as one of their own.

Fonts (selection)

  • Attempt of church statistics about the Duchy of Schleswig . 4 volumes. Kastrup, Flensburg 1840-1844.
  • Fishing: First described historically for the angler . Andersen, Flensburg 1844.


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