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Hans Otto Philipp Martins (born February 23, 1777 in Berlin ; † November 30, 1861 in Halle (Saale) ) was a Prussian mountain official.


He was the son of the later commercial director Heinrich Christian Philipp Martins in Berlin. On January 25, 1793, after attending the Friedrichswerder Gymnasium , Martins was accepted by the mining and smelter administration in Berlin as an expectant and on February 1, he passed the Juramendum silentii . On May 8, 1795, he was appointed Hütteneleven and on January 1, 1796, he was appointed hut assistant and product manager at the Torgelow Hüttenamt . After several intermediate stages, on April 15, 1809, he was promoted to the Prussian Oberbergrat at the General Mining Directorate constituted in the Ministry of the Interior and at the same time to the first director of the Brandenburg Oberbergamt Berlin. After two years, he was named the secret upper mountain ridge in 1811. In 1833 he was transferred to the position of mining captain and director of the Silesian Mining Authority in Brieg .

On November 24, 1835, King Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia decided to transfer the previous miner at the Silesian Mining Authority in Brieg, the Oberbergrats Martins, in the same capacity to the Saxon-Thuringian Mining Authority in Halle. Associated with this was the simultaneous transfer of Toussaint von Charpentier , the mining captain at the Westphalian Upper Mining Authority in Dortmund , to the vacant position in Brieg and the promotion of the Oberbergrat Alexander von Mielecki to Mining Captain and Director of the Westphalian Upper Mining Authority in Dortmund .

With effect from March 1, 1836, Martins took up the position of mining captain in Halle. As an annual income he received 3200 thalers and an official apartment at 5%.

On February 1, 1843, the celebration of his 50th anniversary of service took place, where he was honored by the King of Prussia .

At his own request, he was retired on January 1, 1850.


  • 1837: Ribbon for the Order of the Red Eagle 3rd Class
  • 1843: Star for the Order of the Red Eagle, 2nd class with oak leaves


  • Rudolf von Carnall (ed.): Journal for the mining, metallurgy and saltworks, Vol. 9, 1861, p. 361 f.

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