Hashimoto Kingorō

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Hashimoto Kingorō

Hashimoto Kingorō ( Japanese 橋本 欣 五郎 ; born February 19, 1890 in Okayama ; died June 29, 1957 ) was a Japanese army officer during the Taishō and Shōwa periods .

life and work

Hashimoto Kingorō graduated from the Officers Academy in 1911 and graduated from the Army College in 1920 . He worked in the general staff until he was promoted to colonel in 1934 and received a regiment .

Strongly influenced by Kita Ikki and Ōkawa Shūmei , he was involved in the movement of young officers who wanted national reforms. In 1927 he was involved in the secretly organized Kinkikai . As a proponent of a military-based expansion, he then organized a secret union within the army in 1930, the "Sakurakai" (桜 会). It is widely believed that he and this organization were behind the two attacks in March and October 1931.

After the attempted coup on February 26, 1936 , Hashimoto was transferred to the reserve level . In the same year he founded the fascist "Dai Nippon Seinen-tō" (大 日本 青年 党), the "Great Japan Youth Party" , and was influential in the Taisei Yokusankai . During this time he was also a member of the Reichstag. - In 1937 he was called back into active service, but due to his involvement in the "Ladybird Incident" he was retired.

After the Pacific War ended , Hashimoto was sentenced to life in prison as a Class A war criminal but was released from prison in 1955.


  1. The March Incident (3 月 事件, Sangatsu jiken) was an attempt planned for March 20, 1931 to overthrow the government. However, the coup was not carried out because of various problems. A putsch planned for October 1937 (10 月 事件, Jūgatsu jiken) did not materialize either.
  2. The Ladybird incident occurred on December 12, 1937, when the Japanese army attacked the British gunboat "Ladebird" on the Yangtze and caused damage. The Japanese government apologized and paid compensation.


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