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FCI Standard No. 250
1.1 Bichons
Origin :

Western Mediterranean basin / Cuba

Patronage :


Alternative names:

Bichon Havanais, Bichón Habanero

Withers height:

21-29 cm

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The Havanese is a dog breed from the Mediterranean or Cuba recognized by the FCI ( FCI group 9, section 1.1, standard no. 250 ).

Origin and history

This breed originates from the western Mediterranean region and developed along the Spanish and Italian seashores. Apparently these dogs were introduced to Cuba early by Italian overseas captains. All Havanese are now extinct in Cuba; some offspring survived in the United States.

Today the Havanese is popular all over the world, probably also because, in contrast to the other bichons ( Maltese , Bolognese , Bichon Frisé ), which are only bred white , they come in many colors.


The Havanese has a height at the withers of 21 to 29 cm (21 to 29 cm are tolerated). The weight varies widely and can range from 3 to 4 kg to 8 to 9 kg. The top coat is very long (12 to 18 cm in an adult dog), soft, straight or wavy, and can form curly strands. It has hardly any undercoat ; there is no change of hair between winter and summer fur. The color is seldom completely pure white; fawn in various shades from light fawn to havana (tobacco-colored, red-brown); spotted in these allowable colors; slightly black clouds allowed. The slightly pointed pendulous ears are set relatively high, not close to the skin and densely covered with long fringes. The tail is carried high, either in the form of a crook or, preferably, rolled over the back.


The Havanese is a good apartment dog, but still needs sufficient activity. He prefers a whole family where he can be the focus. He adapts to his family. He is lively, happy, affectionate, cuddly and loves to play with children. The lush, silky coat often needs to be brushed and combed to prevent it from becoming matted.

Individual evidence

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