Heinrich Bernhard Christian Brandes

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Heinrich Bernhard Christian Brandes (born April 10, 1819 in Breslau , † March 19, 1884 in Leipzig ) was a German historian . He taught at the University of Leipzig .


The son of Heinrich Wilhelm Brandes began studying at the Universities of Göttingen and Leipzig in 1839 . In 1844 he received his doctorate in Leipzig . and completed his habilitation in history there in 1850.

After completing his habilitation, Brandes was initially a private lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy , and from 1865 an associate professor of history. In addition, from 1853 he was the librarian of the Leipzig City Library .

Works (selection)

  • Contributions to the characteristics of Duke and Elector Moritz and his government (Leipzig 1853; online )
  • The Ethnographic Relationship of the Celts and Teutons (Leipzig 1857; Online )
  • Outline of Saxon History (Leipzig 1860)
  • Report on the German Society at the University of Leipzig . Leipzig: Dürr, 1863. ( Online )
  • The Lauenburg Succession Question (Leipzig 1864)
  • About the Age of the Geographer Eudoxus and the Astronomer Geminos (Leipzig 1866)
  • About the geographical knowledge of the ancient Egyptians . In: Ninth annual report of the Society of Friends of Geography in Leipzig . JC Hinrichs'sche Buchhandlung, Leipzig 1870, pp. 32-48. ( Online )
  • The royal ranks of Judah and Israel according to the biblical reports and the cuneiform inscriptions (Leipzig 1873)
  • Treatises on the history of the Orient in antiquity (Halle 1874)


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