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Heinrich Wilhelm Christian Fincke (born June 30, 1879 in Neuss am Rhein; † July 24, 1965 in Cologne ) was a German chemist and food chemist who was best known for his contributions on cocoa , cocoa products and confectionery .


Fincke left the Paulinisches Gymnasium in Münster in 1895 with the "one-year" degree . He then completed an apprenticeship as a pharmacist in Radevormwald. From 1901 Fincke studied pharmacy and food chemistry at the University of Münster. He passed the exams in both subjects with "Very Good". At the same time, Fincke was an assistant at the agricultural research institute in Münster with Joseph König , the founder of food chemistry in Germany. During this time he presented his first publications on the "seeds of Parkia africana and the Daua-Daua cheese made from them" and "on the cellulose, lignin and cutin content of pepper and cocoa". Fincke then went to Rostock to study chemistry at the University of Rostock . After taking the association examination , he received his doctorate in Rostock in 1909 with a thesis on stereometry in derivatives of diphenylethylene. Fincke later worked at the Cologne Food and Research Institute, where he published works on pyridine in ice cream and formic acid in food.

He later headed the laboratory of the Stollwerck cocoa and sugar goods factory in Cologne, where he improved and created numerous test methods for food. This is how he found the first precise and easily carried out determination of lactose . At Stollwerck, Fincke became the leading cocoa expert: in 1929 he published a book on cocoa butter and its adulterations and in 1936 the handbook of cocoa products, which achieved "worldwide recognition". This manual was reissued and revised in 1965 with the assistance of his son Albrecht Fincke .

Fincke has presented a total of more than 500 publications, in addition to chemical-analytical research, also works on the structure and composition of food and the origin of food law terms.

In 1944 he received the Joseph König commemorative coin from the Society of German Chemists.

Fincke was married to Wilhelmine Elisabeth Janzen from 1922. He died in 1965 at the age of 86 in a Cologne hospital.

Publications (selection)

  • Handbook of Cocoa Products. Their history, raw materials, production, properties, composition, application, effect, legal regulation and counting reports, presented for industry, trade and science . Springer, Berlin 1936. 2nd edition, edited and completely revised by Albrecht Fincke with the collaboration of Hans Lange and Jürg Kleinert. Springer, Berlin / Heidelberg / New York 1965.
  • (with Ferdinand Rembor): What does the seller of cocoa, chocolate and pralines need to know? A sales-related course for teaching at vocational, commercial, commercial and sales schools. A guide for business owners and chocolate workers . Theobroma-Verlag (Verlag der Deutschen Schokoladenzeitung), Berlin 1931. 2nd, unchanged edition 1934. 3rd, unchanged edition, Theobroma-Verlag, Selhausen 1950. 4th, unchanged edition 1954.
  • The cocoa butter and its adulterations. Investigations into the physical and chemical properties of the fats obtained from cocoa beans and contained in cocoa products, as well as the detection of adulteration of these fats. At the same time, it contributes to the design and standardization of the general edible fat test procedures (=  monographs from the field of fat chemistry . Volume 12 ). Scientific publishing business, Stuttgart 1929.
  • 50 years of experience as a chemist in the German chocolate industry. Festschrift for the 50th anniversary of the chemical laboratory of the Stollwerck brothers A.-G. Cologne. Cologne 1934.
  • Small textbook on cocoa products. A brief overview of the raw materials, production, properties and nutritional value of cocoa powder and chocolate . Springer, Berlin 1936.
  • Directory of publications on cocoa and cocoa products. Attempt a bibliography of cocoa . A. Uhlig, Dresden. (1st part 1926, 2nd part 1926)


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