Henry III. (Baden-Hachberg)

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Seal of the Margrave Heinrich III. von Baden-Hachberg from 1300

Henry III. von Baden-Hachberg († 1330 ) was about 1290-1330 Margrave of Hachberg and Lord of Kenzingen .


Heinrich was born as the son of Heinrich II and Anna von Üsenberg († 1286).

After his father's abdication, Heinrich initially took over the rule together with his brother Rudolf . In 1297 they jointly confirmed the donation from Heitersheim to the Order of St. John by their father.

In 1306 the brothers divided up their land, with Heinrich receiving the stronghold and possessions in the lower Breisgau, while Rudolf received the Sausenburg and the possessions in the upper Breisgau. Heinrich continued the Baden-Hachberg line, while Rudolf established the Hachberg-Sausenberg branch line.

Marriage and offspring

Heinrich married Agnes von Hohenberg (+ April 14, 1310) and had three children with her:

  • Heinrich , Margrave of Baden-Hachberg
  • Rudolf († 1343), Commander of the Order of St. John
  • Hermann († 1356), master of the order of the German Johanniter


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Individual evidence

  1. partly also called Hachberg-Hachberg

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