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Hermagoras monument in Hermagor

Hermagoras is a saint of the Catholic Church, about whose life there are contradicting statements (probably † around 304 in Singidunum ( Belgrade )).

Presumably he was a lecturer in the Singidunum church and was martyred with Fortunatus (a deacon of the same church) . His relics are said to have reached Aquileia around 400 , where the legend arose after 550 that Hermagoras was an apostle student and first bishop of Aquileja and was martyred around 70 (according to BBKL ).

Another theory says that we are dealing with two different people who have merged into one person through an anachronistic equation in historiography (so LThK ).

His life story is depicted in the crypt of the Basilica of Aquileia in magnificent frescoes in the Veneto-Byzantine style .

Fresco in the crypt of the Basilica of Aquileia - Entombment of Hermagoras and Fortunatus. In the presence of Alexandria (holding the heads of the beheaded), Gregorius and Ponzianus
  • St. Hermagoras transfigured between St. Fortunatus and St. Syrus
  • St. Peter sends St. Mark to Aquileia
  • St. Mark is received by dignitaries of Aquileia
  • The inhabitants of Aquileia introduce St. Hermagoras to St. Mark
  • St. Hermagoras is invited to go to Rome
  • St. Peter consecrates St. Hermagoras as bishop
  • The believers in Aquileia receive Bishop Hermagoras
  • Sermon of St. Hermagoras
  • Healing a Taken
  • St. Hermagoras baptizes Ponzianus before the clergy
  • St. Hermagoras before the judge
  • St. Hermagoras is scourged
  • St. Hermagoras is crucified
  • St. Hermagoras Hermagoras converts the jailer Ponzianus in prison
  • St. Hermagoras baptizes Gregorius and his family
  • St. Hermagoras appoints Fortunatus as his deacon and heals Alexandria from blindness
  • St. Hermagoras baptizes Alexandria
  • St. Hermagoras and St. Fortunatus are beheaded
  • Funeral ceremony and burial of the two saints in the presence of Alexandria, Gregorius and Ponzianus

His feast day is July 12th.

Hermagoras is the namesake of the Carinthian town of Hermagor and the Slovenian Hermagoras Association . With Fortunatus he is the patron saint of the Benedictine Abbey Church of Gornji Grad , Slovenia, and the Church of San Marcuola in Venice .


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