Hispania ulterior

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Map of the provinces Hispania citerior (north-east lci) and Hispania ulterior (south-east)

Hispania ulterior ("the more distant or otherworldly Spain, Hispania ") and Hispania citerior ("the nearer or this side of Hispania") are the two provinces into which the Iberian Peninsula was located in 197 BC. . BC was divided by the Romans. The ulterior comprised the south and west, the citerior the east and northeast. The northwest, including northern Portugal, was later incorporated into Hispania citerior after its conquest . Provincial governor was a propraetor .

The boundary between citerior and ulterior was formed in the north by the lower reaches of the Douro from its mouth to the area west of Zamora ; there it turned to the southeast. Today's Salamanca still belonged to the ulterior , Zamora, Segovia and Toledo belonged to the citerior . In Republican times, the border on the Mediterranean coast ran southwest of Carthago Nova ( Cartagena ).

Emperor Augustus divided Hispania ulterior into the provinces of Lusitania and Baetica .

The cities of Hispania ulterior included Corduba ( Córdoba ), Munda (now Monda in the province of Málaga ), Gades ( Cádiz ) and Olisipo ( Lisbon ).