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Hocico at the Amphi Festival 2017
Hocico at the Amphi Festival 2017
General information
Genre (s) until 1998: Elektro-Industrial,
from 1999: Aggrotech
founding 1993 as Hocico de Perro
Website www.hocico.com
Current occupation
Erk Aicrag
Racso Agroyam

Hocico ( pronunciation : [ oˈsiko ] ( Mexican Spanish )) is a Mexican band from the electro field .


The two Mexicans Erk Aicrag (lyrics and vocals) and Racso Agroyam (programming) formed a band in 1993 under the name Hocico de Perro . The somewhat strange-looking (and not very Spanish-sounding) names of the two are Ananyme of their real names Erik Garcia and Oscar Mayorga. A six-legged spider with an H on its back is the symbol of the two cousins ​​who have shared their musical experiences and interests since childhood. At the age of 15 years Racso started with a Yamaha - Keyboard to experiment. At the same time, Erk started singing rehearsals and wrote the first texts.

"Little by little, we began to join our forces."

- Racso Agroyam

Before 1993, Racso had no mixing or recording options and so he concentrated on training himself.

The majority of the song lyrics deal with topics such as depictions of hatred and violence or the rejection of religion . The distorted, aggressive vocals are in English or Spanish . With the songs Starving Children (German: "Hungering Children") and Tales from the Third World (German: "Stories from the Third World") the band also released two socially critical songs about their Mexican homeland.

Hocico's first live appearance was on February 18, 1994. The band has the largest fan base worldwide in Germany and appears at major music festivals on the black scene such as the Wave-Gotik-Treffen , the Amphi Festival or the M'era Luna Festival . The band released their first official CD with the Berlin- based record label Out of Line and has been under contract with them ever since. Out Of Line distributes the CDs in Europe, in North America they publish their CDs on Metropolis Records .

Side projects

Erk Aicrag founded his solo project in 2003 under the name Rabia Sorda . To date, four albums and three singles have been created and released on Out of Line:

  • 2006: Save Me from My Curse (single)
  • 2006: Metodos del Caos (album)
  • 2009: Radio Paranoia (single)
  • 2009: Noise Diary (album)
  • 2012: The Art of Killing Silence (re-release of the first two albums with bonus tracks)
  • 2012: Eye M the Blacksheep (single)
  • 2013: Hotel Suicide (album)
  • 2014: Animales Salvajes (EP)
  • 2016: King of the Wasteland (Single)
  • 2018: The World Ends Today (album)

Racso Agroyam is also active with his solo project Dulce Liquido. Dulce Liquido was created in 1993 and released two albums, also on Out of Line.

  • 2000: Disolucion
  • 2003: Shock Therapy
  • 2012: Contaminacion Armonica (re-release of the two albums with bonus tracks)


year Release Type of appearance Label other remarks
1993 Misuse, abuse and accident Demo tape
1994 Autoagresión persistent Demo tape
  • self-published
1996 Sad Desprecio Demo tape
  • self-published
1997 Odio Bajo El Alma CD Out of line
1998 El Día de la Ira Tape, CD Opción Sónica
  • limited to 500 pieces
  • Authorized and hand-numbered in Germany by Out of Line
1998 Los Hijos Del Infierno CD Out of line
  • recorded during the "Tierra Electrica Tour '98" in Europe
  • 1st edition, with cardboard slipcase, limited to 500 pieces and hand-numbered
  • 2nd edition, without cardboard slipcase, limited to 180 pieces
1998 Cursed land EP Out of line
1999 Sangre Hirviente CD Out of line
  • There are two different booklets, one has been censored, but can be ordered from Out of Line against proof of age
1999 Tierra Electrica '99 CD Out of line
2000 Aquí Y Ahora En El Silencio CD, box set Out of Line, Interbeat Records
  • the box set is limited to 1,000 pieces
2001 Untold blasphemies MCD Out of line
2002 Signos De Aberracion CD, box set Out of line
  • the box set is limited to 1,500 pieces
2002 El Dia de la Ira CD Out of line
2003 Disidencia Inquebrantable EP Out of line
2003 Hate Never Dies 4CD box set Out of line
  • limited to 2,500 pieces with certificate
2003 Hate Never Dies (The Remix Celebration) CD Out of line
2004 Born to Be (Hated) MCD, vinyl Out of line
  • the vinyl is limited to 500 copies and is hand-numbered
2004 Wreck and ruin CD, DCD box set, 2 vinyl box set Out of line
  • the DCD box set is limited (number not known)
  • the vinyl box set is limited to 1,000 pieces with a hand-numbered certificate
2005 Blasphemies in the Holy Land (Live in Israel) CD Out of line
  • limited to 2,000 pieces
2006 A Través De Mundos Que Arden DVD, DVD + MCD Out of line
  • Live at the M'éra Luna Festival 2005
  • the DVD + MCD box set is limited (number not known)
  • the limited box set includes the MCD "Scars" as an exclusive bonus
2007 About a dead MCD Out of line
  • (Limited edition)
2007 The Shape of Things to Come Picture Shape CD Out of line
  • Limited to 1000 pieces
  • Hand numbered
2008 Memorias Atrás CD, DCD, box set Out of line
  • DCD (number not known)
  • Box set limited to 666 (DCD, t-shirt or girlie, lanyard, patch, button, hand-numbered certificate)
2008 Torah! Torah! Torah! Deluxe CD, Assault Bag Out of line
  • Live "Memorias Atrás" tour 2008 in Osaka (Japan)
  • Assault Bag limited to 441 (incl. Deluxe CD, exclusive T-shirt, hand-numbered registration pad with certificate, Hocico ballpoint pen, original army bag)
2010 Dog Eat Dog MCD, vinyl Out of line
  • Vinyl limited to 666 copies with the exclusive B-side "Breathe Me Tonight"
2010 Tiempos de Furia CD, DCD, box set Out of line
  • Limited box set (metal box - 555 copies), Deluxe Digi 2CD, hand-numbered certificate of authenticity, T-shirt, Hocico lanyard, Hocico flag, sticker)
2011 Blood on the Red Square CD, DVD Out of line
  • Live "Tiempos de Furia" tour 2011 in Moscow (Russia), Yekaterinburg (Russia)
  • Fan box (wooden box with brand print) limited to 499 pieces (including exclusive hip flask, two engraved vodka glasses, Russian medal with logo and numbered certificate of authenticity)
2012 Vile Whispers MCD Out of line
  • (Limited edition)
2012 El Ultimo Minuto CD, DCD Out of line
  • (Limited edition)
2013 Los Dias Caminando En El Fuego CD, DCD Out of line
  • (Limited edition)
2014 Hell over Berlin Live CD, DVD Out of line
  • Live "20th Anniversary Concert in Berlin (08/30/2013)
2015 In the Name of Violence MCD Out of line
  • (Limited edition including picture vinyl, shirt, bag)
2015 Forgotten Tears (Recovered) MCD Out of line
  • (Limited edition)
2015 Oven sensor CD, DCD, box set Out of line
  • (Deluxe Digi 2CD, Limited Deluxe Digi 3CD, limited box set (200 copies) Deluxe Digi 3CD (hand-numbered certificate of authenticity, Mexican Lucha Libre mask)
2017 The Spell of the Spider CD, box set, vinyl Out of line
  • (Limited deluxe 3-disc CD, deluxe digipak 2CD)
  • 42nd place in Germany
2019 Artificial extinction CD, box set, vinyl Out of line
  • (limited box set including exclusive bonus CD, double vinyl edition in blue and silver)
  • 30th place in Germany


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